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Semi-frameless is a type of framed shower door enclosure that includes only the minimum amount of metal necessary for the stability of the unit. The semi-frameless enclosure has a metal header, and all of the fixed glass has a thin metal frame.
The one clear factor in defining a semi-frameless as such is that the glass door itself cannot have a metal frame. For instance, bypass shower doors have no frame around the actual doors but have a metal frame along the perimeter of the entire enclosure. These doors would be considered semi-frameless. We have a wide selection to choose from at Donovan Mirror and Glass.
Some people opt for a semi-frameless rather than a frameless or framed enclosure for two main reasons: conditions and cost. For example, if you want to hang the glass shower door between two panels of glass you may be forced to use a metal header. Stability of the entire unit is only achieved with a semi-frameless option. The other reason could be cost; a semi-frameless shower door is usually more budget-friendly than a comparable frameless unit.