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Semi-frameless Swinging Enclosures

Our semi-frameless shower enclosures are installed with 3/16" or 1/4" glass, with less metal framing than is typical of most premanufactured enclosures. These are high-quality shower enclosures that are an affordable alternative to fully frameless heavy glass enclosurers.

A semi-frameless euro style steam enclosure with polished brass hardware and clear tempered glass.  This shower enclosure is seven feet high and completely encloses the shower area up to a soffit.  It has a 90° return panel on a tub deck at the far right, a notched inline panel, a swinging door with an operable transom above for ventilation, another notched inline panel to run up on a shower seat, and another 90° return panel at the far left.  Both corners are glass-to-glass for a more open look.These custom-made enclosures will fit a shower opening better than any boxed shower enclosure sold at the big home improvement retailers. Each glass panel is made to the correct size based upon our own measurements of the shower area. We use high-grade anodized aluminum from Cardinal Shower Enclosures and cut the aluminum to size in our shop. When installed by one of our professional installers these enclosures will be plumb and the door will swing properly.

We classify these doors based upon the metal kits we purchase from Cardinal Shower Enclosures. The parts for these kits are packaged together for various common shower sizes and configurations. Using these kits allows us to assign model numbers to most of our semi-frameless shower enclosures, enabling quick pricing and easy referencing. However, we can also order any particular extrusion we need for unusual configurations. These shower enclosures can be made to the ceiling or soffit, for steam enclosures such as that shown on this page. They can also be made to accomodate extra large shower areas, butresses, half-walls, angled panels, operable transoms, and any number of multiple panel configurations.

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