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Semi-frameless Swinging Enclosures


The glass for these shower doors are fabricated to fit the shower area after we go out to your home and take measurements.

Our semi-frameless enclosures use 3/16" and 1/4" tempered glass. The doors will be 1/4" thick, and sidelites will be 3/16" thick. However, some glass is only available in one thickness or the other, in which case that thickness will be used for both the door and sidelites.

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The metal used for these enclosures is an extruded aluminum alloy purchased from Cardinal Shower Enclosures. Five standard anodized finishes are available as well as three stock powder coated colors. Over 60 custom powder coated colors and textures are also available to match just about any bathroom decor.

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- Traditional

The traditional style features a 3" stock pull handle that is fastened over the edge of the glass door. It has a flat-profiled header for enclosures that include a header, which is any enclosure that has more than just a door.

- Euro

The euro style features a back-to-back C-shaped pull handle that goes through the glass. It has a rounded Euro style header that is the same size as the traditional header, but is a little more rigid because it contains a little more aluminum by weight.


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shower door shower door with inline panel shower door with two inline panels
shower door with return panel shower door with inline panel and return panel neo-angle shower door