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Hydroslide frameless sliding shower enclosure with chrome finish and clear glass.  The beautifully tiled shower area is fully visible through the glass with virtually no visual obstruction.Frameless sliding shower doors feature the least amount of metal currently possible on a sliding shower door system. These beautiful shower enclosures provide the popular "all glass" look for those who prefer a sliding door over a swinging one.

These enclosures feature 3/8" heavy glass, which provides the necessary strength for the frameless panels. Additionally, the 3/8" glass limits flexing of the panels that is more much noticeable in semi-frameless and framed sliding doors. Cardinal's Skyline series frameless sliding shower door with clear 3/8" glass and polished stainless steel hardware.This type of enclosure has a header that spans the width of the shower opening at the top of the glass panels. The weight of the sliding door is supported by this header, so the shower walls must be tiled. One panel is stationary, and the other has roller brackets at the top of the glass that use the header for sliding. In the closed position the sliding panel is the inside panel, and is placed near the showerhead, as shown in both images. When opened the sliding panel slides behind the stationary panel.

We offer two brands of frameless sliding doors, CRL's Hydroslide™ and Cardinal's Skyline™. As with all our custom doors, we only order the metal kits from these manufacturers. So all the differences between these two types is with the header system.

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