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Fully frameless shower enclosures are almost always the type of enclosures featured in home design magazines and TV shows. These shower enclosures always add to the aesthetic appeal of a bathroom, never away from it. A frameless shower enclosure will never look out of place in a beautifully tiled, high-end bathroom.

These enclosures are also referred to as Heavy Glass enclosures, because the glass used is almost always 3/8" or 1/2" thick. They may also be referred to as All Glass enclosures, because there is minimal metal compared to traditional shower doors. However, these enclosures do require some metal, which includes at least two hinges for the door, and either u-channel or panel clamps along the edges of any stationary panels where they meet the tile. A pull handle that goes through the glass is usually selected for the door, and depending on the configuration a header or a support bar may be necessary for the top of the glass.

UltraGlas, which is a brand of glass that is cast into many unique patterns, can also be used with these enclosures for a truly stunning effect. One of the images on our homepage shows a shower enclosure with UltraSwirl glass, cast using a low-iron glass We have samples of standard UltraGlas textures for viewing in our showroom, as well as a shower enclosure similar to the UltraSwirl image.

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