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    Glass TypesGlass tops are perfect for family herilooms, tables, nightstands, desks, and other surfaces without hiding their beauty. They also safely protect from scratches, dust, and even spills!   This is where glass is the actual surface-it makes for a modern-style decor, along with[...]

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    Mirrors: Reflections in Quality & Style!

      Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and found a distorted reflection of yourself looking back at you? That wavy, distorted look comes from low quality mirror. At Donovan Mirror & Glass, we want you to love what you see! That's why we only provide the high quality that shows off a [...]

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    Cleaners & Protectants

    Protect the glass with Invisible Shield per instructions on the bottle. Reapply as suggested except in extreme usage or hard water conditions - then use more frequently. Only use cleaners that specify on their labels safe use for glass. We recommend using a mild detergent cleaner for regular [...]

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    Thank You

    3 May 2013 | Scott Funk

    Thank you for emailing us! We will contact you back shortly.

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