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Mirror Products

Tri-Vue Mirrors

Tri-Vue mirrors with pivoting wings are made to the size needed. The wings can fold in to any angle, or open completely and lay flat against the wall. Angling the wings can provide optimum viewing angles that is otherwise impossible without multiple mirrors. The framing is anodized aluminum and is available in many finishes. The pivot hinges are steel for durability. These Tri-Vue mirrors are popular for walk-in closet areas at a height of about 72" to 80", but can also be made for vanity areas or sit-down makeup areas where shorter heights are desired.

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Plate Mirrors

Custom plate mirrorWe sell high-quality plate mirrors for vanities, mirrored walls, mirrored back splashes, pivot mirrors, sliding mirrored closet doors, three paneled wardrobe mirrors, and other applications. We have stock size mirrors to fit most vanities, as well as large sheets of mirror that can be cut to fit most areas. These mirrors are available with polished or beveled edges, and there are a few options for tints and antiqued designs.

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Decorative Framed Mirrors

We have 45 decorative framed mirrors on display in our showroom. New styles, shapes, and sizes continually replace sold mirrors for a selection that includes traditional, contemporary, and ornate styles.

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Magnified Mirrors

Our magnified mirrors are available in 3X, 5X, and 7X magnifications. Most models are lighted and wall-mounted, and can be either hardwired directly to an electrical box or plugged in with a cord. New, cordless, LED models are now available as well.

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Mirrored Closet Doors

These are high-quality sliding closet doors made to fit each opening perfectly. We cut the mirrors in our shop and assemble the doors with high-grade Stylmark aluminum extrusions. Available in 31 buffed, brushed, and satin finishes, these doors can be made to match just about any decor.

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