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Magnified Mirrors

Magnified mirrors, or makeup mirrors, are a great convenience to those who have difficulty seeing objects up close. Makeup can be applied without the interference of prescription glasses. Even for those who have good near vision, a magnified mirror is a nice addition to any bathroom.


Our magnified mirrors are available in several magnifications, which will depend on the actual model. There are options for 3x, 5x, 7x, and even 10x magnifications. Most of the mirrors have about a 9" diameter, but this varies from model to model. This is an important consideration because as the magnification increases less facial area can be seen. A good balance between magnification and viewing area is to each person's preference, so we recommend a visit to our showroom to see our mirrors before making a purchase.

Lighted Mirrors

Several of our magnified mirror models are available with or without lighting. Lighted pedestal models automatically come with a cord. Lighted wall-mounted models are also available with a cord, but have the option for hard-wiring as well. To allow hard-wiring a standard 120V junction box needs to be in place, and the base of the magnified mirror will mount directly to the box, completely covering and hiding it from view.

We now have new high-efficiency LED pedestal models that are cordless and battery-operated for those who need this option.

Types of Magnified Mirrors

Our most popular magnified mirrors are the wall-mounted lighted models with a swinging arm for positioning the mirror when in use. Pedestal models are available for those who have the counter space. Shaving mirrors are a third option, and all shaving mirrors are designed for shower use.