Donovan Mirror and Glass

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Mirrored Closet Doors


Our sliding bypass closet doors are made to size, based upon our field measurements. We use quality Stylmark aluminum wardrobe door assemblies together with clear 1/4" Ultramirror and safety-backing, cut to size in our shop. Rollers in the bottom rails provide smooth sliding and durability that can be felt. Numerous finish options allow flexibility in matching existing room decor. Since they are custom fabricated, these doors can accommodate non-standard opening sizes.

Detailed information can be viewed at Stylmark's website by clicking on this link.


- 31 standard color finishes including polished, satin, and brushed textures.

- Optional door lock (Security style assembly #630019 or #630022)

- Additional door panels (multiple panels share the double track when more than two panels are installed)