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Medicine Cabinets

Robern™ Medicine Cabinets

Display of four M series Robern medicine cabinets stacked vertically with an arched plate mirror and glass sink connecting them horizontally.We offer the Robern™ brand for medicine cabinets and vanity storage. Robern is a high-end manufacturer, offering several series and numerous options. These cabinets will provide storage convenience and functionality without compromising on beauty. The cabinet doors are mirrored both inside and out, with mirrored backs behind glass shelves, and constructed of anodized aluminum for durability in high-moisture environments.

We have one display in our showroom for each of their seven series. The differences between each series is evident from each of our displayed cabinets, and we would be happy to show those differences to anyone who visits our showroom.

Mirror Inserts for Cabinet Doors

We can also insert plate mirrors into framed doors for those who decide to have their builder make a cabinet. The cabinet door will be made similar to a glass kitchen cabinet door, but with mirror instead of glass. We use 1/4" or 3/16" plate mirror, depending on which works best for the door size and hinges, and the mirrors can have plain edges or beveled edges. We can go out to the jobsite, or the doors can be removed from their hinges and brought to our shop for cost savings. After the mirrors are cut they are permanently siliconed into the doors and left in our shop overnight to cure.