Donovan Mirror and Glass

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Table Edges

Beveled Edge

The width of the bevel can be specified in 1/4" increments from 1/2" inch to 1-1/2" inches. The most popular bevel size is 1 inch, which is the size of the bevel in the photograph below.

1/2" thick glass with a beveled edge.

Double Beveled Edge

The double bevel is a bevel on top of a bevel. A 1" double bevel specifies an edge with the first bevel 1" wide, and a narrower bevel on top of the first that is approximately 1/2" wide.

1/2" thick glass with a double beveled edge.

Flat Polished Edge

A flat polished edge is one of the most economical edges, and by far the most popular edge for glass shelves thicker than 1/4". Where the edge meets the top and bottom surfaces there is a small miter, which can easily be seen in the sketch. This is actually called an arris, and a flat polished edge always includes arrises.

1/2" thick glass with a flat polished edge.

Ogee Edge

An ogee edge has rounded edges and a style that is very popular with traditional wood furniture and modern solid surface countertops.

1/2" thick glass with an ogee edge.

Double Waterfall Edge

This edge is similar to two pencil polished edges, with the top edge set in a little.

3/4" thick glass with a double waterfall edge.

Bark Edge

To produce this edge the glass is slowly chipped by hand all around the perimeter. Then the edges are sandblasted, which removes all the sharp edges and produces a rather smooth frosted edge.

1/2" thick glass with a bark and sandblasted edge.

45° Mitered (or Chamfered) Edge

Similar to a beveled edge, but at a 45° angle and usually half the width. As with a beveled edge, the remaining portion of the edge has a flat polish.

1/2" thick glass with a 45° mitered edge (chamfered edge).

Pencil Polished Edge

This is one of the most popular edges, especially on round tops.

1/2" thick glass with a pencil polished edge.

Chipped and Sandblasted Edge

This edge is chipped, and then sandblasted to smooth out the sharpness, leaving a frosted edge.

3/4" thick glass with a chipped and sandblasted edge.

Bullnose Edge

This is a bullnose edge with a 1/4" radius. The "soft" edge provides more comfort than some of the other edges.

3/4" thick glass with a bullnose edge.