Donovan Mirror and Glass

Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

Tables and Counter Tops

Glass tables

All our glass tables are custom made per order. Our customers are able to select the size, shape, thickness, and edge profile to their own tastes. Any table can be picked up at our shop, or delivered and setup by us. Typical orders take two to four weeks, depending on the selections.

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Glass countertops

Our glass countertops are also custom made to order. Glass counters are permanently secured in place with u-channel, standoffs, brackets, or posts. We offer many of the hardware options for installation, but it is also possible for a customer to supply the support if they have something that more closely suites their decor - we would need to determine if it is compatible for the glass however.

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image of glass table with a laminated cracked glass base

Glass table with cracked glass base.

Glass counter with 1/2" thick clear glass and flat polished edge.