Donovan Mirror and Glass

Serving Southeastern Wisconsin

Glass Counters

Glass Thickness

3/8", 1/2", and 3/4"

Mounting Hardware


Our standoffs are cylindrical lengths of stainless steel that are threaded at the bottom for mounting to a solid surface, and at the top for mounting through a hole in glass. Standoffs come in various lengths, which enables us to raise a glass countertop above a solid surface, such as in the picture shown to the right.

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U-channel and brackets

U-channel screwed to a wall can provide support along one, two, or three edges. If along only one or two edges the u-channel will not be able to support the glass without additional support, such as a standoff or post. Clamps and brackets of various types are also available, but the most popular options for counter tops is using standoffs or UV-glue.

UV-Glued Hardware

Glass countertops can also be supported by UV-gluing the glass to hardware specifically designed for this purpose. The UV-glue is invisible and extremely strong, and in most cases the glass will break before the bond will. We have several support options, such as the 20° angled countertop supports pictured to the left. We have also UV-glued glass to customer supplied mounting hardware, but we would need to see the hardware to determine if it would be acceptable for use with UV-glue and appropriate for the project.

Glass Options

If we are using UV-glue the glass will need to be perfectly flat float glass, with clear glass being the most popular choice. Most of the UV-mounting hardware requires the glass to be tempered as well.

Textured glass can be used for applications where glue isn't being used. This means specialty cast glass can be used and even incorporate a sink bowl as part of the glass.