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Glass Products


A glass top is a great way to protect tables, night stands, desks, and other surfaces without hiding their beauty. We custom cut all glass tops to fit the furniture, and the glass can be cut to straight or curved patterns.

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Tables and Counters

Glass tables and counters, where the glass is the actual table surface, can go well with a modern style decor. By not obscuring sight lines they give the illusion of a more open area, and can show more of the floor in rooms with expensive hardwood or tiled flooring.

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Cabinet Doors and Transoms

Cabinet door glass is perfect for displaying fine dinnerware in the kitchen, knickknacks in a china cabinet, or allowing remote controls to operate media components in an entertainment center. Glass cabinet doors can also complement a home's style - acid etched glass with stainless style appliances for a modern style, and seedy or antiqued glass for a more elegant or even Old World style as just two examples.

Transoms above doors can provide some natural light to rooms that have no windows, such as hallways.

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Glass shelves are great for lighted cabinets, allowing light to reach lower shelves. They are also visually appealing and are popular for medicine cabinets, shower areas, wet bars, and wall niches.

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Stereo Cabinet Doors

These doors are frameless 3/16" plate glass with polished edges, with two pivot hinges, a strike plate, and a magnetic latch. They are popular doors for entertainment centers because they allow operation of remote controlled electronic components. The most popular glass choices are clear, bronze, and grey.

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Fireplace doors and screens

We offer Pyrex™, and Robax™ glass options for fireplace doors. For screens tempered glass is sufficient as it can withstand service temperatures up to 450° F.

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Safety Glass

Glass that satisfies federal, state, or municipal safety glazing codes is considered safety glass. Tempered glass and laminated glass are the two types of safety glass that we sell.

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Heat-resistant Glass

For high temperature applications we sell tempered glass, Pyrex™, and Robax™.

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Bent Glass

Flat glass can be curved to fit curved cabinetry, curved shower thresholds, or other applications. Glass of this type is referred to as bent glass. There are some limitations that need to be considered when planning for bent glass, among the most common being radius size and panel size.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is stronger and safer than ordinary annealed glass. It is commonly used in doors, shower doors, windows with walk-through hazards, patio tables and other applications.

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