Donovan Mirror And Glass


Framed designs provide transparency, while reinforcing glass with fully framed panels. Framed glass shower enclosures with pivoting doors provide the aesthetic appeal of glass walls with the benefits of full framing. In situations with uneven floors that make installing glass walls difficult, full framing makes an effective solution. As in frameless installations, framed installations allow for doors to be designed to swing freely or closing devices can be concealed in the ceiling or floor to control pivoting doors.
Consider glass panels fully framed in metal for enhanced privacy. They add rigidity while preserving clean lines of sight. The door’s edge should rest in a brush-lined channel built into the frame post. Fully framed installations also help eliminate gaps between the panels themselves and between the panels and the surrounding structure.
Once the decision is made to use a framed or frameless installation, the project team can discuss other options, including pivot or sliding doors, and standard or designer glass.